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Workflow after the session ends with some before and after pictures | Linden, Michigan Photographer |

I just wanted to share some before and after pictures. For photographers, most of our time is spent on post production. The actual session is just a small piece of the puzzle. My normal workflow after a session goes as follows:

Upload RAW images to the computer. A normal session, for me, ranges from about 1-3 gigabytes of image space. RAW images are huge. I view my RAW images in a software called Lightroom. I weed through the 100-150 images I have just taken and narrow it down to the best 50-75 photos. I then start tweaking the coloring and exposure and any other minor adjustments needed. Before I export them into jpg’s, I cull them down even further. My goal is 15-20 fantastic images.

Once that process is done, I export them out of Lightroom. From there, I open up Photoshop CS5 and do my final edits. Once I have the images finalized, I save the edited version and then I resize/sharpen for web and throw my watermark on them all. So for any final edited image, I have a RAW version, high resolution-unphotoshopped version, then the high resolution photoshopped version and the smaller cropped watermarked web version. As you can imagine, this can take 100′s of gigabytes worth of space in a relatively short amount of time.

After the session is complete, I can spend anywhere between 4-8 hours editing, cropping, saving, exporting, web sizing, watermarking, uploading to online proofing galleries and emailing correspondence to the customer.

After orders are placed, time is spent making sure the orders are paid for, organized, images are ready for print, cropped to the correct ratio ordered, uploaded to the pro lab site and verified. After the order arrives in the mail I go through it to verify it’s correct. I then work on packaging it up nicely for the customer.

I love doing what I do. I don’t think people realize how much time/energy is put into photography. It really is a labor of love!

Here are some recent shots I’ve taken of my son. I wanted to show some before and after versions of the images. The straight out of the camera images have only been resized to fit to screen. The edited version is the completed image.

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