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This week I had a chance to hang out with a photog friend of mine. I packed up my girls and we drove 45 minutes for a playdate/photography date.  My friend, Christina, owner of Two Angels Photography was such a gracious host. My girls had a blast playing with her boys and after lunch, I had a blast playing in Christina’s studio. Seriously, she has a Westcott 50×50 and its huge! And I think I’m in love! I know that my non- photog readers are going “huh?” “what the heck is that?” Well, its a softbox that you put over your studio lights to diffuse them. Its quite glorious in its size. I have a softbox but its very small. It’s done its job but I think I’m ready to jump up.. dramatically, in size. So make sure you book a fall session with me so I can purchase one, k? =)

Anyway, my girls were so well behaved during our “play time” with the studio. After about 30 mins, Addison had just about had enough but then Christina broke out the Smarties and suddenly Addison was begging for direction so she could earn another Smartie!

Here are some outtakes from our session

And here are some of the better images I captured

This image is staged. Samantha is a great actress!

Last but not least, one of my favorite images from the bunch.

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Christina K - OMG! I LOVE them! Great job – thank you SO much for helping me with the position of the lights! Come over anytime…but I think the next time is my turn to come your way!

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