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Week 3 of 52- Yellow { Linden Michigan Photographer }

This week’s theme is yellow. It was a bit challenging, especially when I wait till the last minute to do it! I started searching around the house and nothing was really working for me. I headed to the fridge/freezer to try and figure out dinner and noticed our pile of frozen pops. Are we the only household that doesn’t seem to like the yellow ones? That’s all we have left. I’m not even sure why I’m still holding on to them, they are obviously rejects and we aren’t going to just magically wake up and start liking the yellow, right? Oh well, in the freezer they stay.

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Dusty - Hey lady – you leave the comedy to me. Oh wait, that was actually funny. But now I’m having a craving for yellow frozen pops. Who knew?

Kristen - You can send them here! My kids will eat the yellow ones! :)

Laura - Great shot! I love that you can FEEL how cold they are!

Haley - I did the same thing – search around the house for something yellow :) . Very creative and love how you shot so wide open.

Jeni - I LOVE the yellow ones!! Kind of makes me want one – and it’s only 4:30 in the morning!

Teresa Wilds - Ha! Love the story behind the picture – so true – although we also have the green ones leftover as well! lol

Jennifer O. (aka Romeo and Mae) - Love it! Totally creative!

Sari - Such a pretty shade of yellow. I kinda want one now too…lol!

Gail - yes, I think you are the only family that doesnt like yellow. and thats just weird hahaha… yellow pops need love too!!! haha.. Im glad you held on to them though cos this is a cool shot!!!

Denise Trigo - I think we have a lot of yellow ones left too!! Great job!!

Natalie Myers - that is so funny that yellow is the only color left. We have that happen too with certain flavors. I don’t throw them out either. lol

Jenn Swartz - Hey, they served their purpose – they made for a great ‘yellow’ image!

hope - i love those things…great shot.

Suzanne - That is so funny! We don’t like the yellow ones either! So perfect you had those on hand. Love it!

Stephanie Moore - So funny you still have Popsicles in your freezer when it’s freezing outside!!! Love the pic!

Shauna - BRRrRrrR! Banana popsicles –my fave!!

jules - sounds so good! love the comp on this!

Patricia - Perfect….so fun and frozen!

Dawn Alderman - Yumm…

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