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Project 52 Week 21: Favorite Photo {Linden Michigan Photography}

This week’s theme is “Favorite Photo” the catch is that it has to be your favorite photo taken THIS WEEK. I haven’t actually taken many photos this week because of the darn rain we have been getting all.week.long. However, I did decide to “remodel” my girls’ room. As with any project, I try and take before shots (and usually during and after and everything in-between!) As usual when I break out the camera, my girls are begging for me to take their pictures. Although this never seems to happen when I have a portrait session in mind for them. Its only when I get my camera out for OTHER reasons. Then they want me to take pictures of them. Anyway, I took some pictures of them on their respective beds and then they jumped in bed together and wanted me to take pictures of them laying together. Then that lead to giggles. I can’t pick ONE favorite, so I am sharing a series. I’m going to have this printed (probably 20×30) and hang in their room once I get it finished.

For more information about this project, check out my first post explaining what I’m doing here

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Natalie - that is so cute! Just adore the giggles! Sweet sisters

Jen - PERFECTION!!! Cynthia, you have to blow this this up! Absolutely gorgeous my dear.

Haley - I am so glad you’ll be hanging this on the wall! Oh sweet sisterly love…

Gail Pomare - I so wanna see a photo of that on their wall when you get it done… I WOULD LOVE to see that! These are wonderful images and I can absolutely see why they are favourites!!! awesome.

Kristen - Love these! Of course you can’t pick a fave!

Patricia - Your girls are just so cute together. And on your wall they will look amazing!

Stacey S - They are adorable!! Great idea to do a 20×30 – it will look so fantastic!

Denise Trigo - I LOVE it! This will look amazing in their room!!! What a great memory!!!

Sari - Such a sweet moment! I wish my kiddos would ask to have their pictures taken. Only my daughter will do that every once in a blue moon!

staci - this is the sweetest!

Laura - Oh! This makes my heart happy! So sweet!

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