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Project 52 Week 23: at Home {Michigan Photographer}

This week’s theme is “at Home” we can go anywhere with that! I mean, so many options. I think a lot of people spend most of their time at home. I know we certainly do, especially since my husband works from home and I’m a stay at home mom. Here is a recent picture of both my husband and I with the kids. We’re sitting on the front steps of our home. These pictures tells us 3 things, #1 we love our kids, #2 my son was not enthused about getting his picture taken, and #3 our front porch is in desperate need of a stain job!

Oh and if you saw my last week’s post you will see that I have a box from my Kelly Moore Bag in my recycle pile. I was asked to share a photo of my bag, so here it is! (taken with my iPhone). I already had the Fushia Classic bag (right) but my new one is the Orange Posey (left) I wanted something smaller than the classic for those time you just want your camera body and 1 lens.

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Gail Pomare - awww love photos of a family at home… :) :) :) … treasure these always!!! afreakingdorable. … and yeah, those bags… yum. Now get staining :)

Jeni - I was like “What? No, your son looks handsome in this pic.” then I scrolled down and saw the 2nd one and BUSTED out laughing!!! I love that beyond words. His wife is going adore that one!!!

Jennifer O. RomeoandMae - Awww, these are sweet! Your girls have the cutest cheeks!

Natalie - love these. Now next time use a tripod and take one of all of you :)

Haley - It is so important to have family pictures and what better place than in front of your home. I love your camera bags – so cute and stylish. Thanks for posting a picture!

Laura - At home is the perfect place for family shots! I am envious of the fact that you have a front porch! We don’t have one, stained or not! ;)

Sari - Love the family shots! :) I’m a huge Kelly Moore fan! Love my hobo and might just need to get a posey. Fun colors!

Suzanne - Your family is so beautiful! How neat you both get to stay home together.

Patricia - Very nice image of all of you! I always love your girls, but seem everyone together is just very cute! BTW, the room makeover is the sweetest thing ever!

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