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Project 52: Week 36 Numbers { Linden Michigan Photographer}

This week’s theme is numbers. So many images would have worked for this! I thought about taking a pic of the flash cards my girls play with. They don’t understand them (they’re 3) yet but they love to pour them out on the floor everywhere. I could have taken a picture of the stack of invoices I need to enter into my ledger. As I watched my son walk to his bus stop this morning it hit me! My iPhone is now getting full of different times to alarm so I don’t miss something. During the summer I took much pleasure in deleting these reminder alarms but this week, I grudgingly added them back. I have an alarm to wake me up so that I can wake him up. Another alarm to let us know its time for him to head out the door to his bus stop. Then the last daily alarm is to remind me that his bus should be pulling up shortly. This coming Monday, I get to add 2 more alarms to the list. My girls start preschool next week so we’ll need an alarm to remind us to leave for preschool and one last alarm to remind me its time to pick them up!

iphone alarms


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Kathy - I love my iphone! I recently added alarms to my phone too!

staci - Good idea! I need to get more alarms on my phone set up! I might actually get to things on time! :)

Sari - I also use my iPhone as an alarm clock. Love it!

Heather - I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who has alarms to remind her what to do with her kids!! I have one set for 2:20 that says “Stop what you are doing and go get the kids from school!!” Oh! The life of a scatterbrained mom!

Natalie Myers - oh yeah, way to put that iphone to work Cynthia! :)

Patricia - I have a bunch of those as well. The new added on first week of kindergarten was time to brush your teeth to go to bed :)
Someone needs lots of sleep in order to wake up early without a fuss!

Gail Pomare - its a great feeling to be on top of everything though right?! can you believe I still schedule my day with an old fashioned diary and pencil. … sorry your numbers are a reminder of our time flying by …. but so important!

Suzanne - How cute is this?? And so true!! I am not very organized and I always feel like, “What have I forgotten??” Love to see your organized life!

Jennifer O. RomeoandMae - That reminds me of my phone. I have 6 alarms set, I’d be a mess without them!

Haley - You must be hearing beeps all day long – what a great way to stay organized! I love my iPhone.

Natalie - I just looked at the actual times of your alarms. We start school at 8:10 & they are out at 2:53. His day is quite a bit longer than hers.

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