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Newborn Session Information

Congratulations! What a precious time in your life. I have 3 children of my own. I can appreciate all the feelings you must be going through! I would love to help capture this very short and special time in your baby’s life.


When is the best time to schedule and have your newborn session?

The best time to schedule your newborn session is NOW! It is never too early to schedule however there is such a thing as too late for newborn sessions. This is very important. The best time to actually have your baby’s newborn shoot is between 5-14 DAYS of age. Although no shot or final result is guaranteed, we have the best odds if baby is less than 2 weeks old. After this age, babies tend to sleep less and their bodies aren’t as moldable as they were.

It is best to schedule your baby’s shoot while you are still pregnant.


How do we schedule a newborn shoot when it is hard to predict the actual birth date?

No worries! I pencil in your due date on my calendar and that way I know an approximate date to expect the birth. Once baby is born, please contact me and we will schedule the actual date at that time. It is very important to contact me as soon as possible. We want to have the session before baby is 14 days old. I know how chaotic having a baby can be and time can slip away from you. Please try to keep this time frame in mind. We all want the same results in the end and this time frame gives us the best chance =)


How long does the session take?

This really depends on baby. I’ve had a newborn session take 55 minutes but that is certainly not the norm! I would plan on it taking upwards of 3 hours. Newborn sessions tend to be the most time consuming because some of our favorite images are of baby sleeping. Sometimes baby has a different plan.;)We stop whenever baby needs to feed or be changed. Once baby is satisfied we begin again.


Are the images done in a studio or at the client’s home?

At this time, all my newborn sessions are done out of my home studio (Linden). I have everything needed to complete a newborn session. Some of the hats and/or props you have seen on my website have been provided by mom/dad; however, 99% of them are mine. Please feel free to bring anything special to your family, whether a hat knitted by Grandma or a special blanket and we will do our best to incorporate them into some shots.

The session is done on the main floor of my home. I have a couch and recliner for mom and/or dad to relax and watch. I turn my heat up and typically use a space heater to make it nice and warm for baby.



Can I have my older children included in the session?

Absolutely! Depending on the age of your older children, alternate plans may be needed for them during the majority of the newborn session. Smaller children do not tend to be fans of sitting quietly for longer periods of time =) The best way to incorporate older (small) children is to start with the sibling shots and then have Dad/Grandparent/family/friend take your older child(ren) home, out to eat, local playground..etc so as to not disturb the remainder of the shoot.



Pricing and scheduling:

Session fee is $125 and includes the actual session itself. All prints/products are purchased separately.

You can find my complete pricing here: Pricing Guide

If you would like to move forward with scheduling your session, please fill out my Portrait Agreement.

After I receive the completed Portrait Agreement, I will email over an invoice for your session fee and once that has been paid, your session is officially on the calendar!

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