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Active toddler fun! Mr. C |Child Photographer Linden, Michigan|

What a little ball of energy! He was so funny! It took him a bit to get comfortable. At first he would give me looks like “who are you and why are you trying to get close to me” LOL

This was funny. A plane flew over the house and Mr. C was excited to see it!

Burning off some energy!

Michele Santee - These are all so cute!

Natalie - Love these!

Tammy - Love the close up of him, so pretty!

Nichole - These are awesome! I love the last 2 shots!

CrystalL - He’s such a handsome little man!

Trisha - These photos make me giggle! What a perfect capture of the true spirit of being a toddler!

Casey - Cute kiddo!!

Yummy! Cake Smash 1st Birthday! | Linden, Michigan Child Photographer |

What a blast this was! I could do these types of sessions everyday. How fun!

Here is the session shown on a 20×20 storyboard. You can see that it takes him a bit to really dig in but once he does.. watch out!  No crumb left unturned.

The storyboards are available in either 10×10 inch or 20×20 inch size. The storyboards are all mounted on .08″ styrene for stability.

If you’re interested in booking a cake smash session please contact me. Just for an example, my session fee is $100 and that includes a $50 print credit. With your $50 print credit you can purchase the 10×10 inch mounted print! Unless your little one is allergic to certain ingredients or you have a certain cake design in mind, the small cake is included in your cake smash session. Also, if you book for just a cake smash, then I will also waive my shipping charge for print orders under $100.

Teresa Wilds - St. Petersburg Child Photographer - Very cute! Love the storyboard!

Tiffany - Adorable! Love the storyboard.

rachael - love the story board!

Hannah - Very cute!

Penny - thats awesome, love the set out of storyboard.

Christina K - Hey Neighbor! Great shots! Love how he got into it. If you haven’t already – check out LAPOM – the group for parents of multiples in Livingston County. We have a few members up in Linden!

MeghanW - Adorable. i love every one of them!

kelly - So cute. What a great memory you created! Great work.

julie - I love the storyboard. He’s a darling baby.

Anna aka.BeachMama - Great cake smash session. Love the colours and the storyboard.

Kelsey - This is a fantastic storyboard!

CrystalL - This is so cool, it would make a great canvas too!

Krystal - very cute!! great storyboard!

Kimberlee - Great storyboard!

Nichole - Awesome storyboard!!

JenCookePhotography - These are great! Love cake smashes!

Trina - LOL! I like the last one where he is just crawling away. Too funny!

chrissy - adorable!! great storyboard.

Jenny - GREAT job! LOVE these!

Zenia - These are FANTASTIC! love them!

Sara Welch - love him! the one of him crawling away is too cute.

Jen P. - These are great!!! Love the expressions you captured!

Annadee - LOVE THIS!! So cute!

Beth Ross - What an adorable little boy and beautiful pictures of him. I LOVE your storyboard too!!!

Stacey - Super adorable – love the storyboard!

shannon - i LOVE these!! the pictures are adorable and i love the collage!

Aimee - I love the collage! Great shots!!

*Fresh Face* Newborn style | Linden, Michigan Newborn photographer |

I am on the look out for a fresh newborn. I am waiving my $100 session fee for the first 2 people who contact me. If you or someone you know is expecting a baby in May or June, please contact me. There are certain conditions that apply. If you’re interested or have any questions, please email me HERE or (if your email client doesn’t work with the link)


  • $100 session fee waived
  • Prints may be ordered at full price. Pricing list HERE
  • Baby must be due in May or June of 2010
  • Newborn session must occur when the baby is 4-14 days old
  • Newborn sessions can run 1-3 hrs. Time is always given for feedings/changes.
  • Model release must be signed prior to the start of the session. Copy of the release is HERE

First come, first serve basis. The first 2 people to contact me will receive this offer.

Proofs will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery about a week after your session.

Your online gallery will be open for one week.

Your print order will be ready 2-3 weeks after your order is placed.

Emma Pirtle - Hi,
My name is Emma Pirtle and I live in Birmingham, MI. I am due with my first baby in early June 2010- a little girl. I would love to take advantage of this offer. Please let me know if you are able to photograph her when she is born! Thank you very much!

5 little ones |Linden, Michigan Child photographer|

Here are a few pictures from our shoot yesterday. Not all the little ones were into it but we did the best we could =)

This little one didn’t want his picture taken. He eventually warmed up =)

After some studio type shots, we headed to the beach. We weren’t really expecting the kids to run right into the water, especially since it was only about 50 degrees. BRrrrrr

Our mutual friend, B, had a great idea. It was just poorly executed on my part. But it’s still a cute snap shot for the family to keep. This idea is on my list to definitely try again.

Jen - Aww that last one was a good idea. It still turned out cute!

Natalie - I don’t know how I missed these! I love the running one by the water! Great captures Cynthia.

Mr. M and Miss A. |Linden, Michigan Child photographer|

Here is one for fun. Mister Chickie was a little fuzzy and his feathers covered his eyes and mouth but Mr. M liked him. This chic also helped create a few smiles by “pooping” on my head =P

I took this shot right after our session. Miss A having a little milk break =)

I thought this was a really sweet daddy/son moment

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Natalie - Oh that chick is too funny! Great pictures Cynthia!